Access Control



With Glosec’s commercial access control systems the business owner can create a safer environment for the business as well as prevent theft.


With our access control systems installed at your premises you can control and monitor the movement of staff, customers and suppliers inside your company.


For sensitive industries that require stringent employee access authorization to control the flow and prevent loss of trade secrets, sensitive technologies, information embargos, NDA’s, lucrative R&D reports, as well as to the threat of counter intelligence or even espionage, we offer the finest security access control systems.


Over the decades, GLOSEC has come to prioritize security as the prime factor in importance. Which is why when it comes to access control, we employ multiple verticals of security that include digital as well as analogue security clearance inputs. For even tougher requirements for passive systems, there’s always the heavy-grade industrialized biometric route; and that’s usually passed through multiple security stages to prevent fraudulent circumvention.


No matter what if your needs are basic access control to sophisticated systems, our specialists will get on site to make sure that the best possible solution is fitted for your needs.


1) Identification, Authentication and Authorization of your premises.


2) Output Reports for in/ out working hours, alarm events, denied access etc.


3) User friendly software for managing personnel access areas, codes and cards.


4) Graphical Interface map to identify and control different areas easily.


5) Panel linking with IP and RS485 communication solutions.


5) Integration with other systems like CCTV or Burglar Alarm Systems.