IP CCTV Video Surveilance



As market leader, Glosec can provide you with the most advanced CCTV system to protect your business from theft and vandalism.


One of the most obvious, yet most effective ways of maintaining security in a business enterprise environment is through the installation and use of CCTV cameras. And with the advent of high resolution, low latency, high efficiency compression imaging technology becoming available; CCTV surveillance as a result has become a much more effective security tool. Meanwhile costs of installation and maintenance have come down dramatically.


These advances make it more accessible than ever to cover every square inch of the area you’re trying to secure or survey. Plan to stay ahead of the business day, from keeping track of the number of vehicles that enter or leave the car park to keeping close watch on the production chain and your employees, all the while sending a strong message of deterrence to would-be intruders.


Depending on the characteristics and layout of your premises we advise on the optimum design of the system combining the appropriate cameras and recording equipment to reach the desired level of security. Glosec provide an extensive range of commercial CCTV systems from traditional analogue to the latest digital CCTV surveillance equipment.


1) High resolution video capturing with Megapixel Cameras


2) Better quality, flexibility, performance and easier installation.


3) Program or view separately each camera remotely from web browser.


4) Variety selection of dome, bullet and box cameras.


5) Multiple NVRs as one system.


6) Remote monitoring through PC software or smart Phones.


7) Integration with other systems like Access Control or Burglar Alarm Systems.