Home IP CCTV Video Surveillance




Glosec has been supplying, installing and maintaining a vast range of security cameras and CCTV systems for more than 30 years. It is estimated that as many as 10% of households in Cyprus either have CCTV systems installed or know someone who has one on their property. A substantial number of these CCTV systems have been installed by Glosec.


CCTV surveillance is a core element of a strong security infrastructure and one of the most effective methods of deterring crime.


The sight of a well implemented CCTV system may deter crime from happening to begin with, but should one occur anyway, the presence of such systems can also be an important tool for any forensic investigation after the event.


Our system works passively as it flags any unusual motion at suspect moments, saving you time during the review process. For maximum accessibility, you can use your smartphone, tablet or any other computing device connected to the internet to receive real time updates. See live footage of your home, garage or any other object of interest that is setup for surveillance.


These easy-to-use but advanced connectivity features come secured with password protection in order to protect your privacy. And even inside the home, the homeowners can stay assured of their staff’s performance and activity that can be watched live, or in recorded form, over CCTV console.





1) High resolution video capturing with Megapixel Cameras


2) Better quality, flexibility, performance and easier installation.


3) Program or view separately each camera remotely from web browser.


4) Variety selection of dome, bullet and box cameras.


5) Multiple NVRs as one system.


6) Remote monitoring through PC software or smart Phones.


7) Integration with other systems like Access Control or Burglar Alarm Systems.