Fire Suppression


In the pursuit to avoid property or equipment damage through a fire, your company will need sophisticated fire detection equipment placed at fire sensitive locations. But once a fire has been detected, the detection systems need to activate a well-designed fire suppression system to respond.


This is where our cutting edge fire suppression solutions act to prevent the fire from spreading and potentially wreaking havoc on lives, costly equipment or data.


Extensively used for fire protection in high value environments such as data centers, telecommunications sites, museums and archives, gas is a rapid fire suppression agent which, on detection of a fire discharges throughout the protected space, extinguishing the fire without secondary damage to the surrounding equipment or facilities.


Gas systems can typically be split down into two categories:


INERT:                 Inergen, IG-55, IG-01, IG-100

CHEMICAL:         Sapphire, FM-200, CO2


As a specialist fire engineering company with a proven track record with over 30 years of experience, we can competently protect your business from fire. Our fully qualified and certificated technicians provide unbiased advice and support for all types of gaseous suppression and work with you to ensure you get the right solution. Whatever the risk; we have a solution to protect it.


1) Protect server rooms, machine rooms, electrical rooms and valuable equipment with FM200, NOVEC or Inert gas extinguishing agents.


2) Clean gas, waterless, environmentally friendly and safe for humans.


3) Does not leave residue to clean, colorless, can be used in occupied spaces.


4) Fast discharge time of 10 seconds (FM200, Novec), minimum damages.


5) Suitable for Class A fires (Solid Materials) and Class B fires (Flammable liquids).