Hardwired Burglar Alarm Systems


Implementing a hardwired alarm system into the architecture of your home during the construction or renovation phase is the best way of reaping the benefits of a wired system, since weak links can be reinforced or obscured, while operation will largely be free of maintenance.


If you’ve decided to and have the opportunity to pre-build security into the very foundation of your home, then our professionals will step-in to assess your needs and offer a solution that meets your specifications and budget. Once finalized, the plan has to be included into the structure by the architect and be fitted in by our security technicians in order to ensure smooth deployment of all the systems. Installed in this manner; you will rarely need to replace any of the components and the system will be very cheap to maintain.


Depending on the scope of the systems, there would be various layers of security and numerous sensors to detect different kinds of threat detection, including but not limited to:


  • Intruder
  • Smoke
  • Vibration
  • Windows and glass breaking


The systems we deploy come from top manufacturers and are user-friendly with one touch control. While all the system’s components and accessories connect through wired connections.


As with all our residential products, ease of use and simplicity is at the heart of the systems we implement. User interface is so simple that it take just minutes to learn and remember how to use.


1) System can accept various wired devices like motion detectors, glass break detectors, temperature detectors, water leakage detectors, fire detectors, door contacts etc.


2) Users can receive voice messages via PSTN or GSM. If GSM is selected then SMS messages can also be send.


3) Multi-Partitioning, Arming/ Disarming, Scheduling, Long memory event long.


4) The panel can connect to a centralized monitoring station.


5) Wired Systems are more flexible in selection and can be installed in small and large houses. They can accept high number of wired detectors.


6) Wired Systems can be expanded to accept also wireless detectors.


7) Wired Sensors don’t required battery.


8) Integration with other systems like CCTV or Access Control System.