Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems


Keeping your home, your loved ones and your prized possessions safe, is a common goal that we share with you. When you choose Glosec, it is certain that we will provide you with a wireless burglar alarm system that complies with the latest industry standards.


Our surveyor will contact a free, no obligation risk assessment of your home and discuss with you the best wireless intrusion system to suit your individual needs. During installation, our engineering team will discretely install the security system to your home causing minimum disruption and in a way that it will not interfere with your house decoration.


Our advanced home wireless security products offer flexible options for better protecting your house and family from various threats, including intrusion, fire, water floods and personal emergency. We work with a wide range of wireless intrusion detectors, including pet-friendly motion detectors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors, water leakage detectors etc.


In today’s evolving markets, the communication infrastructure at your residences can vary greatly. At any individual site, landline, GSM, GPRS and IP communication can all exist, alone or in any combination. We, here at Glosec, offer wireless intrusion systems that can accommodate any possible method of communication and that can be monitored from anywhere around the world via sms and email notifications directly to your Smartphone.


Wireless Intrusion with Visual Verification and Smart Home


Today's savvy consumers expect more from their home security system rather than just basic intrusion detection and alarm. Unlike traditional alarm systems, today’s technology combines security monitoring with visual reporting, lighting control, home automation and energy management. All services can be operated from a Smartphone. Our systems can report over GSM, Ethernet and GPRS with Voice, SMS, MMS and Email messages. Listen in feature is also available.


Visual Verification can be achieved through wireless movement sensors that have embedded cameras as one device. These sensors will not only detect movement but also send snapshots or live footage videos when an incident happens to get a full picture of what is happening inside your home. This immediate visual report allows you to respond right on the minute. It provides a better way to assessment of the situation and greatly saves money and time for unnecessary onsite check.


In addition to the above you can control house lights, open garage door, and turn on heating or air-conditioning before arriving home, and more. Increasing numbers of customers, particularly families in which adults work, value the convenience of time and energy savings for being able to remotely control key appliances.


Glosec’s wireless intrusion systems will provide you with a completely hassle-free way to secure your home. We will make sure that you will get the best security system for your property.


1) System can accept various wireless devices like movement sensors, smoke detectors, magnetic contacts, water leakage detectors, personal emergency devices, glass break detectors etc.


2) System can be separated into partitions in order to arm any areas which the customer doesn’t use, for example the ground floor can be armed during the night.


3) System can report alarm messages via sms or voice call through GSM. PSTN is also available only for voice messages.


4) Users can control the alarm system remotely from their Smartphone with sms or voice call.


5) Users can open 2 way voice communication with the panel and hear or speak through the panel.


6) Easy and fast installation (no cable installation), simple to use, sleek design.


7) Long battery life (up to 2 years).

8) All the basic features plus the following.

9) Motion detectors with embedded camera (PIR video camera) can capture small video and a number of pictures of the intruder during an alarm and send them to the user’s Smartphone via GPRS or IP communication. So during an alarm the customer will also visually know what is happening inside their home.

10) Smart phone application that enables the user to control the panel (request information, video, picture, change functions).

11) Users can turn on/ off home appliances, devices, lighting remotely (home automation) for energy saving and convenience.