Access Control

For most of our Corporate clients, safeguarding information and protection of data is a key concern. This is where the control of physical access through identity management becomes a priority for most companies. 

GLOSEC safeguards our client’s data and control of entry with innovative and secure identity management solutions which at the same time support business process and provide a safer environment. 

GLOSEC offers a variety of wired and wireless entry-based access control solutions that can fit any type of door with ease and with minimal disruption to the client’s processes. We will make sure that our integrated access control solutions will meet your security and business requirements, efficiently and reliably manage multiple access points to control risk, improve business efficiency and ensure business continuity.

Over the decades, GLOSEC has come to prioritize security as the prime factor in importance. Which is why when it comes to access control, we employ multiple verticals of security that include digital as well as analogue security clearance inputs.


Applied Access Control Solutions

  • Conventional access control 
  • Wireless Electronic Locks
  • Locker and cabinets wireless lock solutions






"No matter what your needs are, from basic access control to sophisticated systems, our specialists will get on site to make sure that the best possible solution is fitted for your needs."

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