Innovative Hospitality technologies for enhanced guest experience
Streamline operations, improved guest experience and enhanced security are vital for every hotel in today’s highly competitive environment.

What sets us apart from competitors in this market is that GLOSEC can provide hotels with a complete integrated solution which includes the wireless electronic smart locks for every door in the hotel combined with the guestroom management system (GRMS). The benefit is that the management can now efficiently and centrally manage guestroom energy consumption and services at the room, enhance guest experience, hotel management, design and security for hotel rooms, suites, back-of-house, meeting space, infrastructure and more.

Out integrated solution includes Wireless Electronic Locking Solutions for every type of doors and Guest Room Management System (GRMS) that provides innovative and efficient control of lighting, heating/ cooling and hotel guest services through intuitive touch panel interfaces.

GLOSEC Wireless smart locks
Applied Solutions:
  • SALTO Wireless Electronic Locks Solution
  • INTEREL Guestroom Management System
  • Energy Saving and Management
  • Fire Alarm
  • CCTV
  • Parking Management
Guestroom Management Systems