Protect your premises with one of our wired or wireless security systems
GLOSEC’s complete intrusion protection systems for enterprises of all sizes will ensure maximum security for your company.

We understand that the needs of every business vary, which is why our alarm systems are tailored made to suit the needs of each commercial customer. We specialize in applying the ideal blend of equipment, from movement sensors and vibration equipment to window and door detection technology, GLOSEC will achieve the required level of security.

Our advanced security systems provide layered security comprised of multiple redundancies to avoid having the whole system compromised over a single weak leak link in a chain. When one system is circumvented, a backup kicks in, thereby keeping intact the integrity of the whole system.

GLOSEC’s intrusion protection systems will provide strong security control over the entire defense perimeter of the business premises. While our intrusion prevention systems will seamlessly integrate with CCTV and access control to form a further reinforced layer of security around the site.