Cloud-based Time & Attendance System
Saves time, eliminates errors, low cost.

To speed up and simplify the day-to-day tasks of companies and workers is part of our goal.

Our cloud-based Time & Attendance system needs no additional costly readers.

The HR manager has a panel for the management of the employees in a completely digital way, establishing a unique communication channel.

Thanks to our API, integration with other software like SAP, Sage, Oracle, Meta, etc, is possible.



With our free Inallow Clocks application for tablets, any tablet is a registration point. An alternative to traditional Clock in systems. And thanks to the offline functionality, you won't need an internet connection.


Registering the day, requesting holidays or reviewing overtime are some of the options that allow the application.


For all employees working from the computer, the option to clock in via a cloud platform is enabled. It can also be accessed from any other device.