Cloud-based, real-time, Wireless Access control
Control all wireless smart locks with SALTO KS mobile APP

SALTO KS is the cloud-based solution for Access Control anywhere, any time. Flexible to fit the needs of your business or rental building.

Have full control of all functions & features from the web app. And on-the-go, use the mobile app for keeping track of events, remote unlocking and blocking. Directly go to or download the mobile app for iOS or Android.

Cloud-based Wireless Access Control with smart locks


  • Your phone as your key
  • Open doors remotely from a distance
  • Remote management
  • Grant specific access easily
  • Multiple users, roles and rights
  • Manage multiple facilities/ buildings
  • Track all activity and incidents related to your smart wireless locks
  • Real-time access management
  • Create digital keys for your guests
  • See who goes where, when
  • Easy to install on existing doors
Wireless smart lock with keypad

Integrate every access point for a seamless keyless experience with an easy-to-use system that integrates all physical security needs through smart easy to install, and wireless battery-operated electronic door locks.

  • Offer your users well-designed spaces with the comfort of their own fully-furnished private apartment equipped with smart locks.
  • With SALTO KS self-check-in keyless access, you can provide guests, suppliers, or visitors access to your property and their room with a PIN code – and they do not even have to download an app!
  • Let tenants manage their own space with the Pod functionality, relieving you from unnecessary operations.
  • With SALTO KS, you no longer need to worry about keys given to outsiders or shared rooms with friends.
  • Keep track of who goes where and when with the activity feed. You can send customized welcome messages to first-timers, see privacy lock usage, and choose to override privacy mode in case of emergency.
  • Have automated access management based on your preferred booking system.
  • Analyze valuable data and manage and access multiple sites within the same platform with the KS mobile and desktop app.
  • Get to know your customers’ behavior which can be used to build your community and monetize your space(s) with the 24/7 activity data.
Open locks using smartphone app
Wireless Access Control Smart Electronic Locks