Power, Intelligence...


The Taktis product range combines the very latest hardware and software to produce a control and indication system, which is powerful and sophisticated, yet simple to use and understand.

The large graphical touch screen provides a clear, uncluttered and intuitive interface so the end user requires minimal training.

Initially configured as a fire detection and alarm system, the flexibility of the Taktis platform is such that it can be re-configured to realize many other control and indication applications, with direct integration into intelligent buildings.

Available in 4 slot and 8 slot variants, with each slot supporting a 2 loop detection card, the Taktis fire control panel ranges from 2 to 16 detection loops.

The generous quantity of sounder circuits, relays and inputs provided as standard can be further increased by the addition of one or mode Taktis I/O plug in expansion

The Taktis Network Card allows networking of up to 128 panels and repeaters meaning that Taktis can provide reassurance to all building owners/ operators whether
responsible for a small system or a large complex.


“Probably the most powerful analogue addressable fire panel available.”


  • Certified to EN54-2 & EN54-4
  • 2 to 8 loop or 2 to 16 loop versions
  • Multiple protocols supported on a single panel (in
    banks of two loops)
  • 500 milliamp loop current
  • 4 programmable sounder circuits each rated at 2.5
  • 5.25 Amp or 10.25 Amp power supply options
  • 3 programmable inputs
  • 5 programmable relay outputs
  • Up to 512 programmable I/O via optional plug in
    and serially connected expansion cards
  • Hard wired fire and fault routing inputs and outputs
  • 2 ancillary serial ports
  • Modbus, LonWorks and BACnet interface options
  • Modular electronics
  • Over 4000 sub address points per panel
  • NOT and TIME as well as COINCIDENCE, OR and
    AND operators in cause and effects
  • Option to “invert” inputs and outputs
  • Powerful, standard configuration templates
  • Network up to 128 panels
  • Configurable via USB port to PC or memory stick
  • Expandable memory via standard SD card
  • Optional Media Gateway communications card